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When you’re looking for a place to build your career, you have lots of options.

And finding the right fit for you is critical. Every employer is unique and every opportunity offers experiences that can be rewarding and challenging in different ways. So knowing what you value, and where you want your career to take you can make all the difference.

That’s where Unum comes in.

At Unum, our purpose is to help the working world thrive throughout life’s moments. We help workers and their families during tough times, and we do that in a number of ways. One of the most recognizable is through the insurance products we sell to other businesses.

For example, you could work for an employer who provides short-term disability coverage through Unum. In that case, Unum would pay you part of your salary if you’re out of work for a while because of an illness or injury – or even if you’re out because of something wonderful like having a baby.

Or you could have one of many other types of benefits Unum provides to more than 38 million employees at companies all over the world, such as life insurance or dental insurance.

Of course, you could always choose to join our team at Unum. And that brings even more benefits. Because helping the working world thrive begins with helping our employees, their families and our communities.

And the opportunities at Unum are endless. There are people who develop and sell the different products. There are financial and legal experts. There’s a customer service call center, a training team to teach employees how to do their jobs, communications, IT, a recruiting group that hires new employees, even the people making this video. Almost any job you’d want, you can find at Unum.

And the environment speaks for itself. Unum is a place where you can learn, grow and advance in your career. And we ensure you can do that in a culture that truly wants you to bring your authentic self to work. And you’d be right to think that a benefits company provides great benefits. Unum can help you prepare for retirement, pay off student loans, pursue a higher degree – they’ll even give you paid days for volunteering, just to name a few.

In short, at Unum, our focus is on Helping You Thrive as an employee and person.

So, when you’re thinking about where you’d like to work and what you’d like to do, give your career real purpose by working for a company that is centered on a big, bold purpose, too. Give Unum a look. Pick the path with purpose.

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