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​​​​​​​Scholar Program

This unique program goes beyond the traditional summer internship, offering 15 to 28 hours per week

See What It's Like to Work at Unum

Show Transcript
Grayson Panter:
"So I started at Unum as an intern in Chattanooga. Since then, I've joined the Professional Development Program and moved to Portland, Maine. I absolutely love it."

Hannah Holland:
"The best thing about working at Unum is the opportunity that you have to gain real world experience while continuing your education."

Shane Moore:
"For the three months or so I was an intern it felt like every two weeks or so I was working on a different project. You know, while that maybe felt touch and go at times, it was definitely like I was getting a lot of experience, which was good for me."

Ruby Hernandez:
"You know, coming into the experience, working at Unum was definitely something very unique. I had never worked for a large company before. So I was a little bit scared about that. But honestly, I got really lucky in the sense of - it was really something - a great experience, that so much so, that I even wanted to come back after graduating from college."

Shane Moore:
"The point of the internship experience was to really allow the intern to explore many different business areas and kind of feel out what it was that they were passionate about."

Yuan Gao:
"During my time here interning at Unum, I made a lot of connections with a lot of brilliant people, apart from all the knowledge industry experience I gained, I also greatly expanded my network."

Hannah Holland:
"I chose to stay with you because I got firsthand experience at how good of a company Unum was, and I just couldn't imagine myself working for any other company after that. They just invested so much time in me and and gave me so many opportunities and networking. And it was I felt like it was a great opportunity to stick with."

Grayson Panter:
"It sounds cliche and I think a lot of Unum people say it, but the people, the culture, that's something I think you don't find that a lot of companies, it really feels homey no matter what office location you're at."

Ruby Hernandez:
"You hear so many horror stories of all people's work experiences working at different companies and so all throughout college, I was really scared about one day finding myself stuck working for a toxic workplace. And so when I was an Intern, you know, I realized I hit the jackpot. I mean, honestly, it was just the company culture at Unum is unmatched, and I would not trade it for anything else."

Ruby Hernandez:
"I really did, you know, realize this is the place that I want to be. And so far I'm comfortable here and I see myself here for a very long time."

Yuan Gao:
"If you're somebody who's passionate and isn't afraid of trying to work, then this is definitely the place for you."

Grayson Panter:
"If you're considering an internship with Unum, you should definitely accept and take that opportunity full steam ahead."

Are You Our Next Scholar?

Find Success Here If You:
  • Are a team player with a positive attitude
  • Have a history of leadership with involvement in extracurricular activities
  • Have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn about the insurance industry
  • Possess strong communication and organizational skills
scholar and mentor
Eligibility Requirments:
  • Enrolled in an accredited university 
  • GPA of at least 3.0
  • Availability to work 15 to 28 hours per week
  • Completion of one year of college coursework (preferred)                                                                                                                                                                                                           

I've Applied, Now What?

Flowchart for Application Process
Flowchart for Application Process

Step 1

Invitation to complete online assessment and pre-recorded video interview

Step 2

Application and video interview reviewed by Early Careers Team

Step 3

Phone call with Early Careers Team to schedule second interview

Step 4

Second interview with two to three business members

Step 5

If appropriate, an offer will be extended to join our program

Common Interview Topics:

  • - Reason for applying to Unum internship opportunity
  • - Transition from school to corporate culture
  • - Mentorship opportunity during internship
  • - Taking advantage of networking opportunities
  • - Employment opportunities after internships

Employee Testimonials

"Our Scholars develop leadership skills and build a broad business network, all while earning year-round income. It’s incredible to see the professional and personal growth of these students and many transition into full-time roles here at Unum."
Caitlin Chellis Program Manager
Caitlin Chellis
"This program helped kickstart my career.  It allowed me to get hands-on experience through a variety of avenues in business.  The number of networking opportunities and growth is endless!"
Baylee Brown Financial Analyst
Baylee Brown
"The Scholars Program gave me the flexibility to pursue my degree while gaining valuable real-world experience.  Upon graduation, I was given the opportunity to continue my career with Unum.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone."
Noah Barney Professional Development Program Associate
Noah Barney
"This opportunity not only gave me the ability to work in a professional setting, but also the chance to expand my network and strengthen the most essential skills required for my professional growth.
Chandra Adhikari Auditor, IT
Chandra Adhikari
"Anyone looking to gain valuable leadership skills and insight into the insurance industry should consider this program.  As a Scholar, I was able to explore different areas of the business that led to a full-time role that I love."
Lauren Busman IDI Enrollment Communications Consultant
Lauren Busman
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