A Thriving Technology Hub

Carlow, Ireland

Located in Carlow, a vibrant business center, Unum Ireland serves as a Centre of Excellence for strategic software development and services. We play a vital part in developing critical business applications with a culture of openness, honesty and respect.

Carlow, Ireland

Situated in South East Ireland along the river Barrow, Carlow is easily accessible from the ferry and several major airports, and close to Kilkenny. Carlow offers a youthful atmosphere in a growing town, with new shopping and housing, along with top-quality schools and a multitude of leisure activities. This combination of enterprising spirit and central location make Carlow the ideal place for Unum’s technology Centre of Excellence, a world-class programming shop where our team helps support and deliver top-notch solutions for our customers.

Benefits To Help You Thrive

Live Your Best You

We have on-site and virtual offerings to support your fitness, diet and nutrition, and overall health management, partnering with accredited health providers and coaches, and we offer a comprehensive health insurance package to cover you and your family medical needs.

Find Your Best You

We all need to recharge. Employees start with 21+ paid days off, plus bank holidays.  We also offer flexible working hours and paid volunteering hours, alongside a variety of community partners.  For your family and caring needs, we top up paid maternity leave, paternity leave, and offer paid compassionate leave for your family and caregiving needs.

Grow Your Best You

We know the value of lifelong learning and provide education schemes for our employees including a Tuition Reimbursement Program aligned with the requirements of your role. The personal and professional development of our people is center to our organizational culture, investing in professional development and learning opportunities allow our people to grow and progress within the organization. 

Plan Your Best You

Based on market trends and local data, our salaries are competitive. We reward beyond the monthly paycheck through ongoing recognition programs, conferences and an annual bonus incentive plan, and we help our employees by providing life insurance, income protection and illness salary protection.  We provide financial planning resources to help you manage your financial wellbeing in addition to offering a defined contribution pension scheme.

Early Careers


Start Here and Grow

We don't believe in standing still — we believe in growth. Whether it's growth through increasing mastery of an area you love or growth through developing new areas of expertise, growth adds energy, excitement, opportunity, advancement and success. 

IT Internship Program

Are you ready to learn and grow while making a positive difference in peoples' lives? If so, our IT internship program may be for you. You will complete meaningful, challenging work over 5 months that culminates in an end-of internship presentation to key IT leaders.

We offer IT internships for 3rd level education students in Ireland and most recently working with Carlow IT and Maynooth University.

Recruiting begins in September each year and the Ireland IT Internship Program begins end of March. Qualified students must be enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or post graduate program, with satisfactory completion of two years of college coursework.

Technology Opportunities

Our team of IT professionals are building solutions at scale, digitally transforming our business. Our global IT organization works collaboratively together using agile methodologies and scrum teams delivering a better, faster and easier benefits experience as our top priority. We’ve pioneered HR platform integrations, transformed online administration tools and surrounded employees with digital self-service. And we’re just getting started.