8 Reasons to Live in the South East

8 Reasons to Live in South East Ireland



Living in Carlow and the South East is an ideal base for thrill seekers. If you want to go kayaking, canoeing, mountaineering, zip lining, hang gliding or paragliding the South East has it all.

Go with the Flow River Adventures, have a fleet of Canadian canoes that you can hire for a day, two days, a long weekend or more. For the extreme adventurer Mount Leinster in Borris, Co.Carlow has hang gliding and paragliding. You can also go ziplining at Castlecomer Discovery Park.

For those that are just looking to get out in the fresh air there are many tracks and trails (for all levels of fitness) scattered throughout the entire South East. The Blackstairs Eco Trails come highly recommended! (See No.4)

Festivals & Theatres

Who doesn't love a good festival or a show in a theatre! Well the South East has tonnes of them. Here's a taster of what you can find:

Housing & Rental Prices

We are all aware of the spiralling cost of housing and rentals in our large cities. People are being pushed beyond what they can afford making the purchase of a house near impossible. As a result  many people are considering jobs outside of the bigger cities where housing can be literally half the cost. In the last quarter of  2018 reported that the average cost of a home in County Carlow is just under half of the average cost of a home in County Dublin. With companies like Unum offering competitive salaries — this combined with lower housing/rental prices and the lower cost of living moving away from the large cities is becoming much more enticing. Food for thought!

Tracks & Trails

With amazing landscapes, the South East boasts a variety of tracks and trails amongst stunning coastal scenery, lush green hills and mountains. The South East is a region of great natural beauty waiting to be discovered. Below is useful list of tracks and trails around the South East of Ireland.

Great Food

There are many fine restaurants in this part of the country. Here's a quick shortlist to wet the appetite:

History, Tradition & Culture

The region is full of rich history, from John F. Kennedy's ancestral home to Borris House, the residence of the Kavanagh family, lineal representatives of the McMurrough-Kavanaghs (the ancient Kings of Leinster). There's something for everyone! It's impossible to cover everything the area has to offer. Here is a shortlist:


Some of Ireland's nicest beaches can be found in this region. They don't call it the sunny South East for nothing, once summer comes these beaches are full of activity with people getting out to enjoy the sun before its gone.

Cost of Living/Quality of Life

The cost of living in the South East is much lower than that of Irelands larger cities. Childcare costs in County Carlow are, on average, 36% lower than the average in County Dublin. Less traffic means less time sitting in your car commuting. The general cost of living is also lower with cheaper rent and house prices meaning your salary goes further. All in all the South East is a great option for those people that are fed up with the rat race of living in a large city like Dublin. Factor in a salary competitive with companies in Dublin and you will have more money left over at the end of the month.