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Join Our Medical, Clinical & Vocational Teams

Guided by their medical knowledge and vocational expertise, Unum’s talented team of medical, clinical and vocational experts analyze complex claims and help our insurance claims teams understand and accurately serve our customers in their time of need.

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At Unum, our Medical, Clinical and Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants enhance their professional development by applying their medical and vocational expertise in a new way. They help our company provide financial protection benefits to those in need.
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Clinical practice is very important, just like the work we do at Unum. The difference: Working in a corporate environment offers set business hours — no more weekends, on-call, or working holidays. We want you to thrive, while helping our customers do the same. 
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Chances are you entered the medical, clinical and vocational space because you wanted to improve the lives of others. In a role at Unum, you will continue to have the opportunity every day to positively impact many lives.

Valued Expertise

Medical Consultant

Expert medical analysis of insurance claims files or underwriting applications is often needed across Unum product lines. Our medical consultant team of licensed and experienced physicians and psychologists conduct their reviews and analyses within ethical standards, working alongside business partners, health care providers, and other specialized resources.

Clinical Consultant

The clinical consultant team uses their nursing experience to review, analyze and interpret medical information. They collaborate with claims professionals, on-site physicians, healthcare providers and other resources in multiple settings to assess medical information and determine appropriate next action steps. 

Vocational Consultant

Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants (VRCs) are Masters-prepared Certified Rehabilitation Counselors who can assess an employee’s potential for performing occupations and assist them with return to work planning. VRCs collaborate with other professional disciplines, including clinical, medical, legal and financial, in order to provide services.
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What to Expect
Have you ever imagined using your professional and analytical skills, training and expertise outside of clinical practice? If so, you may be interested to learn more about a Medical Consultant's day at Unum.

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